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Magicians | Grace Entertainment & Events


We have AMAZING Magicians available for your party and we’d love to come out and entertain you!  See below for details:

CHILDREN’S SHOWS: (ages 3-6)Magic Chuck & Dove#1
This Magic Show is a super high energy, comedy magic show with lots of audience participation designed specifically for the little ones. Your child is the STAR as he/she assists the Magician up on stage! Adults and children alike will delight in our unique storytelling style of magic. We use Chuck G & KidsBIG colorful props, silly Clown gags and lots of funny performer mishaps and jokes to keep the kids on their toes! The show is approx. 30 minutes and typically followed by balloons (up to 15 kids).

THIS SHOW IS VERY AGE SPECIFIC! If you have mostly 3 year olds or younger, we will be happy to suggest a different form of entertainment for your event as it is often difficult to keep the attention of children 3 and under for longer than 5 or 10 minutes. If you have some 3 year olds but most are a bit older (4-7) the younger ones tend to follow the older ones leads and sit still for longer. We do not suggest a full Magic Show for very young children.

TWEEN SHOWS: (ages 7-12)Chuck G
This show is tailored to older kids and pre-teens. This is not for the little ones! Although we still keep their interest with humor and gags, these are not the typical tricks you’d see at a kids party. And we can promise the adults will be just as impressed as the kids. We offer clean humor, amazing slight of hand magic and pure professionalism.

This show is approx. 30-40 minutes in length. We can accommodate large groups as well with a wireless microphone you provide. (we need both hands!)

Phil Hand Trick

ADULT SHOWS: (13 and up)
This Show is for the Pros! Teens and adults alike will be simply wowed by the amazing “right before your eyes” tricks. We offer a 30-40 minutes show that will amaze you and your guests. Our Professional Magician is a staple at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood and we are lucky to have him as part of our team. You will not be disappointed!

STROLLING MAGICIANS: (13 and up)Fancy Chuck G
We don’t need a stage! We can stroll through your event (approx. 60 minutes), mingling and socializing with your guests, all the while impressing them with slight of hand and mentalists tricks worthy of the Magic Castle itself.  “Abracadabra!”


The age ranges of the guests you’d like entertained are of utmost importance as what a 3 or 4 year old finds hilarious and amazing, an 8 or 15 year old will find boring. And adults are a whole other story. The best thing is to focus on the guest of honors age range. You can also book another performer to take care of the other guests need be.

Travel and Holiday rates may apply.  Please contact us for more details by calling 1-888-982-9428 or email us by clicking here.