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Psychics & Tarot | Grace Entertainment & Events

Psychics & Tarot



Our Psychics have years of experience doing intuitive readings at events and have perfected the art of conducting meaningful information in a short period of time (averaging about 5 – 7 minutes per reading.)


Shelley Angel Cards


With the help of the Spirit Guides and Angels, we can assist you and your guests in matters of the heart, soul, career and pocketbook. We naturally focus on being uplifting regardless of the subject matter.

Your guests will be enthralled by the fun, deep, quick insights from these readings.




Angel Card Readings
Fairy Card Readings
Fortune Tellers
Mediums (connecting with deceased loved ones)
Palm Readings
Psychometry (reading objects i.e. purses, jewelry etc)
Tarot Card Readings

Trip PiratePlease give us a call today at 1-888-982-9248 for more details!